What is the most iconic fashion items of all time?


Owning a couple of timeless, iconic pieces in your wardrobe will set you up for success. Mostly, these items stay relevantly stylish and can be worn over and over again for years to come. They are also very affordable and don't have to spend thousands on clothing to look stylish. You can use these pieces to mix and match the latest trends or wear them with some classic basics. Here are three timeless iconic fashion pieces that every woman should own.

1. The Little Black Pump (LBP)

The LBP has been around for years but is still one of the best-selling shoes for women. Every woman should own a high-heeled black pair of shoes because this can be worn on various occasions, from casual to formal. You do not have to worry about the style becoming redundant since there are so many types and designs that you can choose from today on sites such as IRO fashion.

The main reason why this is an iconic piece of clothing is that it can always be worn throughout the years. However, you have to make sure that your LBP fits you perfectly since ill-fitting shoes are uncomfortable to wear and will not last long. Make sure that your heel height does not go above 3.5 inches to be practical when walking. Also, you should not have a wider foot than a medium width because it causes the feet to look larger. Look for a pair of heels with a sleek and slender design for your legs to seem longer. Just browse on IRO Paris official site and get your preferred piece.

2. The Little Black Dress (LBD)

Are you wondering why it is called "little"? Well, it is because of its versatility. Since the black colour goes with every skin tone, you can always wear any accessories and shoes, even on formal occasions. You can also style it for casual uses by wearing trainers or ballet flats with it. You can even wear it for a dressy occasion by wearing stilettos with it. This is what makes the LBD so versatile and timeless.

Additionally, since this type of dress comes in different styles, there is always an option for you to choose from. If you have a large bust or hips, go for a cutout dress or knee-length dress to accentuate your features. On the other hand, if you have a smaller bust and hips, choose a fuller cut to make you seem curvier. The black colour is also slimming; therefore, this is perfect for all body types.

3. The Trench Coat

Don't be fooled when you hear the word "trench". This classic piece comes in different styles. The trench coat was initially invented in Tiel by a man named Burberry. They were usually associated with rainy weather, but they have since become an outfit staple due to their many styles and designs that range from simple to fashion-forward.

There are different types of trench coats today, but they generally have the same iconic qualities. They are double-breasted, long sleeve and water-resistant, perfect for both men and women to shield you from unpredictable weather conditions. This piece can be dressed up or down, depending on your preference. The trench coat can be made casual by wearing jeans, canvas shoes and a T-shirt underneath. However, it can also be dressed up by pairing it with skirts or pants and heels from IRO collection.


Women of all ages and sizes can always wear these pieces. While you should not rely on these iconic fashion pieces to be trendy, they will always remain an outfit staple for years to come. These items are perfect for casual dressing but also great for formal dates.

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