Women’s fashion

emerald necklace

Women’s fashion: choose an emerald necklace

Emerald is one of the most famous and recognizable stones in the beryl family. It is a green stone with a very high value compared to other stones in the same category. From the beginning of time, the natural stone…

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lash extension

Buy lash extension products online

The market involved in supplying eyelash products is growing rapidly day by day to meet the growing market demands. Various competitors have come on board in the quest for gaining the largest market share and dominance in the market. Most…

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Lithotherapy jewellery

Lithotherapy jewellery: enjoy the virtues of natural stones

Stones have fascinated men since the dawn of time. In the Stone Age, they were used by cavemen to make amulets and statuettes. Over the course of time, stones were given specific characteristics and even a healing power that gave…

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The teenage bimbo look, beware of excess!

Today’s kids have their own way of dressing. This often disturbs parents. This way of dressing can even become the centre of a problem in a home. The bimbo look is proof of this. But what should we really think…

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What is the wise little girl “lolita” look?

The lolita style is a look that is of Japanese origin. But today many girls around the world choose to opt for this style of clothing. When you put on clothes of this style, you enter directly into the category…

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All you need to know about the kawaii style codes

Every style you adopt has a history and an origin. The kawaii look is proof of that. What’s more, it’s a rather original way of dressing that interests a lot of people today. You wonder if it’s made for you….

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What’s the bling look?

The bling bling look is a way of dressing that many people choose today. But everyone has their own way of expressing it according to their desire. But is bling ling really for everyone or is it a particular style…

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Find designer clothes at low prices by shopping at a thrift store online.

Chanel, ChloĆ©, Balenciaga… very well-known clothing brands that are very much appreciated by fashionistas nowadays. For fashion lovers, the attraction of the exhibitions in all the shop windows along the streets seems irresistible. In addition to a limited budget and…

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