What is the wise little girl “lolita” look?

The lolita style is a look that is of Japanese origin. But today many girls around the world choose to opt for this style of clothing. When you put on clothes of this style, you enter directly into the category of wise girls. But in order to find your place in this kind of look, it is useful to know how it works. This will help you understand important information about the lolita look.

The general composition

Most of the time; the teenage girl wise style is composed of a skirt and a small shirt or a small dress. The principle is to wear clothes worthy of little girls. Always keep in mind when you want to be lolita that you should dress like younger girls. However, even if you put on these kinds of clothes, you can still bring originality. You just have to put modesty in your clothes. Don't try to look sexy or to be the star. It is essential to keep as much wisdom as possible in the way you dress.  To be as lolita as possible, opt for Claudine collar tops. It is the best way to mark your look. Thanks to this, you will be totally elegant while keeping your lolita look. For the bottom, it is more appropriate to choose skirts that do not mold. And to top it all off, it is essential for more wisdom not to forget your petticoat.

The accessories

The lolita look can be accompanied by wearing the different accessories ideal for the style. As the style in question is often with a skirt or a small dress, many young girls opt for socks that go up to the knee. This is the most ideal way to hide your feet. For more effect, some girls even use tights that are as dark as possible. For a lolita, flesh-coloured tights should not be part of her wardrobe. It's not really appropriate for their style of dress because it can definitely take them to the limit of sexy. For your hair, there are accessories to be in the fashion of lolitas. Small hair clips are totally welcome. They are part of the essential accessories for a real lolita. That is to say that a girl who follows the lolita style usually has something on her head. It can be small clips, headbands ... and other things that will keep the hair in place.


A lolita girl has a very specific style of shoe. Most of the time, she has simple pairs of shoes. In the general case, the style of a real lolita will be the shoes that a little girl can wear when there is a party or when the whole family goes to pray in church. They are the shoes of very wise little girls. High heels at 12cm will not be in the closet of a young girl with a lolita look. When you were little, you probably wore little shoes with straps, and the toes are always round. If you want to be in the lolita style, you have to put those kinds of shoes back on, which are in your size of course. In addition, clothes and shoes for lolita girls are sold in several stores. You will undoubtedly have no difficulty to find them if you want to opt for this style.
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