Lithotherapy jewellery: enjoy the virtues of natural stones

Lithotherapy jewellery

Stones have fascinated men since the dawn of time. In the Stone Age, they were used by cavemen to make amulets and statuettes. Over the course of time, stones were given specific characteristics and even a healing power that gave rise to litho therapy, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

What is lithotherapy?

It is a Greek term combining two words: lithos, meaning stone, and therapeia meaning cure. Lithotherapy is therefore a method of treatment thanks to stones. But what kind of care does this technique that is considered as a natural and alternative medicine offer to people? Many stones, crystals and minerals have therapeutic properties. Indeed, litho therapy provides holistic care through powerful, subtle and stable energy which influence and rebalance the human body. It acts positively on all levels: physical, psychic, spiritual and emotional. All this energy contained in the health stones emits waves which influence the vibrations of the body when they are in contact with the body. Whether they are semi-precious, polished, rough or other, these stones can release frequencies that can relieve different types of physical and mental pain. To find the stone that suits you and your needs: click here. It should be noted that wearing a health stone as a jewel (necklace, pendant, bracelet) also allows you to benefit the stone properties. The advantage with natural stone jewellery is that it releases, continuously, revitalising powers that accompany the person who wears it on a daily basis.

What are the different virtues of the stones?

Lithotherapy is based on what is called holism, which means that it provides well-being for the body and mind. The stone virtues are therefore very varied: regenerating, soothing, revitalizing… Through its vibrations, it brings physical and mental balance. It knows no limits, as it can treat physical pain and mental disorders such as back pain, digestive problems, migraines, stress, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, etc… It is an effective solution to energize an organ or to regain a good quality of sleep.

Lithotherapy can also accompany yoga, meditation and personal development sessions and is therefore very beneficial for reconnecting with oneself and increasing one’s joy of life.

People who are open to the use of this method will be more reactive and will obtain positive effects more quickly. On the other hand, the care will be more complicated for those who remain sceptical. Why is this? Quite simply, because the latter develop an energetic defense that blocks good energies. However, the effects are real whether or not you believe in the benefits of the stones.

The types of natural healing stones and their properties

The strength and protection of the stones depends on their composition. Here are some reference stones, very common in lithotherapy.

· Amethyst


It is a fine purple stone that allows, on the psychic level, to alleviate, to evacuate the stress and also to reduce insomnia. And on the physical level, it can cure headaches and muscle aches.


· The obsidian


It offers mental, physical, and spiritual protection. It acts against black magic attacks, fears, and emotional blockages. Obsidian also helps to channel the body’s energy. Physically, it can calm cramps and joint pain.

· The rock crystal


Rock crystal has many therapeutic properties. It is a stone that purifies the mind, eliminates negative energies by unblocking different blockages. It is used to open the chakras and make them powerful for optimal well-being. Rock crystal also treats physical problems such as back pain, digestive system disorders. It also stimulates blood circulation.

These stones are only examples, but there are several, including: carnelian, pink quartz, jade, red garnet, emerald, black tourmaline, labradorite… Each one has its own virtues.

How to use natural stones?

Lithotherapy stones are precious and semi-precious stones. In order to enjoy their benefits, different techniques are possible. They can be used in their raw and natural state, in the form of crystals or worked and polished. However, polished stones are very practical because they are easy to handle. They can be worn as jewellery (bracelet, pendant or earrings). You can put them in your handbag, under your pillow, hold them in your hand during a meditation session or put them in a room of your house. It is also advisable to put the stones on the painful areas of your body.

As the stones discharge in energy, it will be necessary, therefore, to recharge them. There are easy ways to maintain and clean the stones. Among these methods are : purification by water, purification of salt, stone burial (i.e. in the ground) and fumigation. Each type of stone has its own cleaning and purification technique. So make sure you know the most suitable solution for your stone.

The most important thing is to remember that purification is essential to keep all the positive effects of the stones. However, the bigger a stone is, the less it will be necessary to purify it on a regular basis.

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