Your daughter dresses Gothic, don’t panic!

The gothic style is a way of dressing that is quite special. When young girls start to dress this way, parents often tend to panic and think nonsense. However, before judging and taking action, it is necessary to understand how this type of clothing style works. It can change the way you see things or what you know about the gothic look.

The Gothic style

The Gothic style of dress is totally related to the Gothic movement that emerged in the 1970s. In general, this way of dressing is under the total influence of different social facts. It can be music or practices that many people find quite unpleasant. Punk is one of the considerable aspects that will influence young people to choose to go gothic. The principle of gothic people is to favour the colour black in the clothes they wear. It is therefore essential to dress all in black to be totally in gothic fashion. However, you can add other colours such as red or a little white. But the fact is that black must dominate wherever you are. In general, young gothic people are individuals who have a real attraction for death and everything that surrounds it. To complete this way of life, there are even some who like to venture into cemeteries to mark their gothic territory with friends who are similar to them.

Gothic clothing

In the shops, there are all kinds of gothic clothes. However, you can find shops that specialize mainly in these types of clothes. That is to say, in these kinds of establishments you will find only gothic clothes and nothing else. Usually it's black teenage gothic clothing. The gothic style of dress can be a combination of different styles of clothing. For young girls, there are skirts whether long or short, they are always welcome. You just have to know how to integrate it with the gothic. In general, a gothic person is often like an individual dressed up for a theatre or stage show.  The way they dress is like disguises for others who dress differently. However, it is a look that is very well prepared and requires enough time. The black make-up which must be highlighted with all the essential accessories such as gloves; black tights ... will bring a plus to the gothic dress style. As for shoes: most of the time they are quite big boots all in black. Although everything is in black for a gothic, this look is a rather particular style that is not really easy to achieve. It takes time and inspiration.

Gothic and grown-ups

Gothic and parents are two very different things. When children start to dress in black and wear gothic make-up when they go to school, parents start to lose their heads and live in fear. The real concern grown-ups have about this type of clothing is that their child may belong to the wrong groups and that it could harm their lives. That is to say, they see it as a bad influence. However, if this happens to you, it is not always useful to be alarmed. The gothic look can simply be a way of dressing without having to follow rituals or things like that. So don't panic right away. You have to analyze as much as possible all the facts that are offered to you.
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