All you need to know about the kawaii style codes

Every style you adopt has a history and an origin. The kawaii look is proof of that. What's more, it's a rather original way of dressing that interests a lot of people today. You wonder if it's made for you. However, you ask yourself so many questions. To enlighten you on this style, here is some essential information that can really help you make your choice.

What does kawaii mean

The kawaii style is a look that originated in Japan. Specifically, kawaii is a term that means cute. That is, anything that is kawaii is something that is adorable. So everything can be considered a Hawaii thing when you know how to make it. Most people use this word to characterize an animal, an outfit ... For example, when you see a very adorable little dog, you can call it a kawaii dog. The same will be true for kawaii teen clothing. Most of the outfits of this style are clothes that you will probably find cute. However, kawaii style is not just about clothes. It is also about having the right attitude. For that, it is important to analyze every detail in the manga to know everything you need to do. For example, it is useful to know that manga characters always have their feet inside. These are details that must be taken into account to complete your look. The main principle is to act as if you were a little girl.

The kawaii clothes

In general, the kawaii style is made up of clothes that are a bit childish. Most of the time, there are mostly clothes for girls. It is more specifically for teenage girls. The kawaii style is mostly drawn from Japanese cartoon characters. You call them manga. There are a lot of people today who are really into these kinds of characters. So they will draw their look from these manga to look more like their favourite cartoon character. As they are little girl's outfits, the principle is to put on little girl's things like little dresses with balloon sleeves. Putting lace in your outfit will also be very effective. To complete your kawaii style, accessories are really essential. It is therefore essential to always put little clips on you. It is important to maximize the small accessories because they are things that can really give you the look you are looking for.

The colors

For the kawaii style, there's a very distinct color code. To have this kind of style, it is important to know which one you should choose for your clothes. If you want to be in the kawaii style, you have to give importance to colours at all costs. The principle is therefore to always wear clothes that are as colourful as possible. Moreover, you can mix and match colours. Everything on you must therefore always be colourful. Whether it's your clothes, your accessories like bags or clips, it is absolutely necessary to give them the colour of summer. Some people even dye their hair with extravagant colours such as pink for example. For them, it is useful to do what is necessary to look exactly like the manga character from head to toe. To be in the kawaii style then, do not hesitate to put the colors you like. It will be really beautiful to see.
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