How do we determine one’s morphology?

Each person has his or her own morphology. To be able to dress well, it is very important to know your body. This will allow you to know what kind of clothes you should choose to enhance your body. It is therefore very important to compare your body with all types of morphologies to know what is most like you. Here are a few important points to take into account to dress in the best possible way. For your body type shopping trip, knowing your body type is a good way to find the right clothes for you.

The morphology in H

People with this body shape are people who are mostly quite thin. They have a body that is not really rich in shapes. In general, the shoulders and hips of people with the H body shape are at the same level. They do not have a marked waist. Individuals with H morphology therefore have a very harmonious appearance. If you fit this type of body shape, it is useful for you to know what kind of clothing really suits you. If you want to enhance your body, you should take the following tips into account. Since your silhouette is straight, it is more ideal for you to opt for straight-cut clothes. That means straight dresses for example. This will be very advantageous for you. It is very important not to wear clothes that fit around your waist. You don't have any, so it is more appropriate to choose looser clothes at this level.

The O morphology

The O shape is the set of women who have rather generous shapes. At the chest and hip level, you have large shapes. Most women with this morphology want to hide. Yet many people envy them for what they have. So it's more ideal to stay the way you are and put on just the right clothes for your body. You just have to find clothes that are fluid enough that won't mold all the imperfections. For this morphology, it is essential not to wear clothes that are tight or shiny. It's not flattering to your body. In order not to show off your thighs that are big enough, it is rather advisable to opt for clothes below the knee. Avoid miniskirts or mini shorts at all costs. To look your best, it's best to wear darker colours. These have a reputation for slimming the silhouette. The morphology in 8 If you have morphology 8, you have surely the shoulders and the hips at the same level. However people who have this morphology have a height which is very marked, hence the shape 8. Many people want to have this body type, it is more feminine and sexy because your chest and your hips are well formed and have the best shape. Loose-fitting clothes are not ideal for you. However, to make you look your best, it is always possible to wear a wide dress with a belt to effectively mark your waist. This is your trump card. It is therefore important to favour it as much as possible. That's the secret to being totally comfortable in your skin. When you have morphology 8, you can undoubtedly opt for clothes that are tight enough to show off the beauty of your body. So don't hesitate to enhance your shape with appropriate clothing.
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