What kind of clothes to choose to look thinner?

Each person has a distinct size. However, even if you are fat and your body is full of curves, it is still possible to look slimmer with the types of clothes you wear. To be slimmer without dieting, it's important to know all the little tricks that can work for you. So take the time to find all the essential tips for this.

The tops

When you have many more shapes than others, it is obvious that you have to make more effort to be well dressed. For people who have fairly generous shapes, there is always the possibility that the belly part is also fairly generous. It is therefore important to avoid wearing clothes that mould to this level. It won't really flatter your figure. It is more ideal to choose a top that is a little loose to hide all the curves of your tummy. The most appropriate cut for you is therefore a straight cut. This will give you a slim and elegant look. This is what you are really looking for. To enhance your figure in a natural way, you can opt for V-neck tops. If you want to have a beautiful silhouette on the upper part of your body, putting on this type of top is really very effective. Also, if you put on something with a bit of cleavage, you will look the way you really want.

The bottom

When you have generous shapes in the lower part of your body, you can't put on all types of clothes. It is useful to take clothes that fit your body shape to look slimmer afterwards.  Also, clothes that slim down are not difficult to find. You just need to know how to enhance your body to avoid looking like a big whale. It's not really flattering to you and your business. There are different rules to know. For women who are quite developed at the hips, it is more appropriate not to wear low waist pants. This will make you look even bigger and your curves will come out of the pants. To slim down your figure, this is not really the best way. If you like to wear dresses, you should know that the most ideal for your size is the skater style. This kind of dress will effectively give you a very nice look. Even if you're big enough, you'll look smaller and thinner. In other words, in order to slim you down as much as possible, it is useful to opt for flared cuts at the bottom. This will be the most suitable for you.


When a person wants to look slimmer when they get dressed, they'll start with lingerie. Most of the time, many women think that if they put on a small enough panty and bra, they will look thinner. However, it is important to know that this will actually put you at a maximum disadvantage. When you try to wear lingerie that doesn't really fit you, your bulges will create folds that won't look good. It will even accentuate the looks on the points you want to hide. You'll be like a sausage inside your lingerie. It's not really the ideal way. If you want to refine your figure, opt for lingerie that is totally in your size. If it's really useful, you can choose panties with sleeves for example. This will allow you to effectively conceal your curves. For more effect, it is always essential not to choose clothes with tight and elastic fabrics. These are types of fabric that should be avoided at all costs.
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